Medical Marijuana Recommendations


medical marijuana license: how to

Looking to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed Oklahoma doctor?

Many are available in your local area, as well as via “telemedicine” entirely online! We have created this step-by-step guide to help with the application process! 


Medical Marijuana Recommendation Fee
(Paid to the Doctor at the Time of Your Visit – see fees/details specific to each doctor above.)
These fees are paid directly to the doctor.  The state license fees (below) are paid to the OMMA (the state of OK). 

State License Fee

(Paid to the OMMA When You Submit Your Application)
$104.50 (debit/credit card only) unless you have Medicare or Medicaid, in which case the fee is $22.50 (debit/credit card only)

1.  After finding an OMMA certified Doctor the first step is to schedule an appointment for your Doctors recommendation note

2. (Optional but Recommended) Register your OMMA account and begin your application (video below).  Be sure to keep your email address and password handy as you will need this again later!

3. When it comes time to apply you will need:

  • your Oklahoma state ID (driver’s license preferred)
  • your recommendation fee (varies by doctor)
  • your completed intake form and paperwork relevant to your primary medical issues (see buttons above)
  • a credit or debit card that can be used to pay for your OMMA application It’s $104.50, unless you have Medicare or Medicaid, in which case it is $22.50
  • your Medicare or Medicaid card or documentation (if applicable)

4. After you receive your recommendation, you will need to submit your application to the OMMA (Within 30 days of the date on the patient recommendation form).

This process includes: 

– Providing personal information and proof of identity

– Uploading necessary documents including recomendation form, a scan of your proof of residency (current ID) and a clear passport quality personal photo. 

– Online payment of the OMMA application fee


5. Once everything has been submitted wait for your OMMA approval in the mail (generally 1-2 weeks).