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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Doctors

Doctors Making Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Recommendations


OMMA Registered Physicians

The following list contains the information of physicians who have voluntarily registered with the Oklahoma Medical Marijana Authority. By doing so, these physicians are indicating their willingness to see patients and decide if a recommendation for a medical marijuana license may be provided. These physicians have authorized OMMA to share their information publicly.

This list is being provided only as a courtesy to potential OMMA applicants. OMMA and Ponca City Dispensary do not endorse, warrant, or guarantee in any way the services, availability, or qualification of these physicians.

(Updated October 11th, 2018)

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Doctors

MarijuanaDoctors.com offers a list of doctors offering patient recommendations for medical marijuana cards.  In addition to addresses and phone numbers, this website offers patient reviews and pricing for appointments.

Are You a Ponca City Physician Interested in Recommending Patients for Medical Marijuana?

As the Oklahoma medical marijuana market launches and continues to grow, the demand for doctors who can recommend patients for marijuana licenses will also increase.  Physician registrations are managed through the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain my medical marijuana patient license?

Visit this page for a list of step-by-step instructions to obtain your Oklahoma medical marijuana patient license.

Where do I apply for my ok marijuana license?

Applications and payment are collected through the online system for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.  That website is here

You will need a valid email address to login to the system.  The email address will be used to send notifications after you begin the application process.

How do I get a doctor's recommendation to Obtain My Medical Card?

You will need to visit an OMMA-approved doctor (who must also be Oklahoma board certified) and have him or her complete and sign the Adult Patient Physician Recommendation Form.  A digital copy of this form must be submitted with the application through the online system.

This form must be dated within 30 days of the date you apply.  For instance, if a physician signs the recommendation form on September 30, the application must be submitted by October 30.

You may visit a qualifying doctor of your choice or see our upcoming patient drive dates to utilize the qualifying physicians we are using to make life easier for Ponca City patients.

What is a medical marijuana patient license?

A medical marijuana patient license allows an individual with an approved application to legally buy, use, and grow medical marijuana and medical marijuana products in Oklahoma.

This license will be in the form of an identification card that can be used to prove an individual is a license holder.

This card will contain the individual’s name, photo, date of birth, city and county of residence, the type of license, the date the license expires, and the patient’s unique medical marijuana license number.